Change, potential, effectiveness

Our service always begins with your challenges – because solutions ›out of the box‹ can look tempting, but are usually anything but sustainable.

Therefore, we start our processes with the question of the issue. What are the motives, what are the goals, where are the problems and where are the opportunities that arise from your individual situation. This is the only way to determine the tipping points - the greatest leverage with the best result for your company.


You create a new product, a new service. You build a company, start-up or brand. You feel the potential of the idea, the opportunities for innovation. A momentum of particular strength. You want to activate these fully in your company without delay and friction loss, you want to gain traction. You want the added value, the enthusiasm for your idea to be accessible and tangible.


You identify reasons for renewal based on recent developments and experiences of your company. You have a clear view of essential aspects and your agenda. Specific segments and processes need to be restructured and reorganized for optimal success.


Whether for technological reasons, as an inherent part of the business model or as a consequence of a new direction – you accept far-reaching changes constructively in order to re-value your company, your brand in transition. You want to convert the tense moments of change into productive energy, you want to bring about innovation.


Your aim: next level. You have the resources of a successful company, a strong brand – now it is necessary to align established processes and grown structures, to bundle forces, to create efficiency. You want to make your assets more effective.


Your services and products work successfully, your company actively leverages market dynamics. Nevertheless, you identify that the replacement of old, functional principles is also becoming more and more relevant for your company and your brand. How will culture, technology and values ​​be integrated in the future? How can identity and integrity arise? You want to start this discussion, provide clarification and orientation.

The objective of all transformations is to use the potential of change in the most effective way. A company, a brand geared towards this is able to use its assets appropiately. It actively turns employees into contributors. It is perfectly positioned along existing and evolving value chains.

As challenging as profound and permanent corporate change can be, the following is certain:

  • Changes open up new opportunities. They are a resource for your company's adaptability.

  • Adaptability and stability are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary: change can become your instrument for value-based corporate success.

  • Systems that are explicitly geared towards change have a clear competitive advantage on the market.

  • Design as a tool for composing company-relevant processes not only guarantees a strong customer experience, but also reduces costs significantly.

In order to be able to achieve individual development goals in fundamental change processes, you need a combined expertise in business consulting, design and marketing. We reveal the assets of your company that go beyond the primary market objective. We support you in mastering change – we make design usable for you at all levels of the corporate structure, so you can perform consistently and successfully on the market.

Together with you, we focus on the core of your business concerns, develop a comprehensive design system and activate the quality of all communication messages and levels. We lay the foundation for the sustainability of your added value, for your value-oriented and sustainable corporate development.