Genius Event

With the offroad vehicle in the desert, in the jet from Berlin to Stockholm, or culinary art experiences in the Basque country. The Heidelberg event agency GENIUS stands for special luxury events from extraordinary incentives to exclusive press events. Genius understands events as special shared experiential spaces of lasting value and strong bonding and is therefore always in search of what no one else offers.

This momentum, this spark, the unique constellation of an event is what accompanies us in the joint dialogue in #RENEW with the client from the very beginning. This is about maximum abstraction. The intuitive capture and preservation of such a special experience into a generally valid visuality. Reduction characterizes the newly developed appearance. The logo gets more sharpness, clarity, determination in the revision. Colors take place only very selectively and are essentially reserved for the retrospective of individual events. A graphic translation, which on the one hand is characterized by repetition and at the same time by the individuality of each single object, becomes the central symbol for the special, the uniqueness, the transience, the unforgettable of a successful event.


  • Design
    • Design Attributes / System
    • Typographic Logo Redesign
    • Key Visuals
  • Digital
    • Screendesign
    • Website
  • Print
    • Stationery
    • Marketing Media
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