Glück - Andreas Zidek

Uncovering happiness - giving it shape - making it tangible.

Andreas Zidek dedicates his work to this task, he creates unique jewelry and works of art in gold, silver and precious stones. They are witnesses of the artist, encounter, touch, processing - witnesses of individual happiness. They let us remember and grasp the special.

Together with Andreas Zidek we begin a #RANGE transfer process that makes the artist, goldsmith and jewelry maker comprehensible and understandable precisely in this special constellation of roles. A mediation between levels, in which there are also contradictions that need to be resolved in a communicatively correct and sensitive way. A very special collage-like design world emerges, which references the artist's works partly concretely, partly metaphorically always providing a stage for his special works.


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Storytelling Approach Website

The central product to be communicated is not a specific object or the specific service of jewelry making or goldsmith' s art, but rather a world of experience, which is communicated in a story line.

The website as a central communication medium maps the process of a personal experience with the artist - from the key motif of the work, to information about the artist, to dialogical components, to the concrete strands of work in the showroom - and in this way makes Andreas Zidek and his works accessible, comprehensible, experienceable, far beyond a mere product presentation.

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