GÜETLI Lebenshaus

The Güetli is a living and working community in Rossau / Mettmenstetten, Switzerland, living together according to Christian faith. As a self-determined community, the aim is to generate living costs independently, while independence and self-determination are central values that are established through the management of a farm and a vacation and leisure offer for guests. The resulting broad and colorful spectrum of life situations with a simultaneously fixed, value-oriented framework, thus also became formative for the translation of the developed corporate identity into a visual world. Even the word mark, in its unconventional arrangement, bears witness to a playful, cheerful approach to life, while at the same time being calm in its overall effect and creates structure.

The different facets of the leisure offer are reflected in a nuanced differentiating color scheme. Human nature and its needs thus become the differentiation for interested parties instead of classic target groups. From "eventful" to "relaxing". Analog becomes digital - The website, as a newly created central orientation point for information and contact creates a colorful journey through the different levels of the Lebenshaus (Living House).

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