The IDEENSTARK competition is an award for ideas, companies and projects from Baden-Württemberg. Prizes are awarded for impulse-giving and innovation-generating content with one year of support, consisting of workshops, access to relevant networks and support from experts, with the sustainable goal of shaping ideas and advancing companies at all levels.

A brand for the competition was to be created that would become applicable across a broad media landscape and express the spirit of the funded project. The "momentum of the idea," unpolished and free, became the central hook for the design from logo to broad playout. Lines of different colors and shapes represent this basic idea, wild and disorganized but still with a sense of purpose, energetic, independent and dynamic. A web presence continues the momentum with blog formats, as does an award-winning brochure with individually designed covers - no two ideas are the same, and it's the appreciation it receives that can make it great.


Video Production Setdesign

Ideenstark Website
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