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These questions were clarified with the presentation of the new NEXT MANNHEIM brand - at the press conference in late summer 2020, where Lord Mayor Peter Kurz not only presented its new direction, but also the corresponding brand image. In addition to an innovative concept and a new website, expanded goals for the urban development model, which is unique in Germany, were also presented. With a new, integrated communication, NEXT MANNHEIM positions itself as a pioneer for innovation, drive and sustainability.

The year before, the city of Mannheim had adopted its 'Guiding Principles 2030', which are based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. In order to be able to successfully implement these specifications, a new strategy process was set up for the existing STARTUP MANNHEIM, which is to be based on the specifications from the mission statement. The activities and especially the goals of STARTUP MANNHEIM were realigned according to this mission statement. This also required a branding process.

The fields of activity had become considerably more extensive and diverse in recent years than could be subsumed under the term 'startup'. Instead, it has increasingly become an exciting task to develop partial aspects of the 'city of tomorrow' - a kind of "urban product development in a digital context".

This represented the initial situation with regard to the new set-up. We were allowed to accompany this #RENEW process: Initially with a renaming that aimed to offer the broadest and most diverse development spaces possible but at the same time to formulate the overarching claim. In an active dialog with our client, NEXT MANNHEIM was created.


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  • Design
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    • Signage Templates

The further examination led to the result: NEXT MANNHEIM is an innovator and activator in the most diverse areas of activity. The logo shows these principles visually: giving impulses, creating spaces, connecting with each other. At the same time, it remains so neutral and flexible that the next 'NEXT' can always take place underneath it. The previous, divergent communication landscape is replaced by a clear and strict brand architecture, in which MANNHEIM is now also recognizable as a sender across the board. The design system that has been developed harmonizes - brings together themes, start-up centers and activities under a single independent umbrella. Intensive and appealing color codes individualize the brands, centers and projects within the brand cosmos.

In the future, the NEXT MANNHEIM umbrella will unite, among other things, cultural urban development, the development and promotion of tech and medical technology companies, the creative industries and international projects. The fields of action also include the improvement of structural conditions especially for female founders, the expansion of the startup community or music and pop culture.

With the new website, a digital platform has been created that bundles and tells the diverse offers, funding opportunities, location advantages, networks and success stories. It is the central communication channel on which all messages from the ecosystem will be placed in the future.

With NEXT MANNHEIM, we are combining our startup and foundation support with cultural and creative urban development in an interdisciplinary way - in order to make Mannheim fit for the future. In almost all of these areas, we have already been pioneers at the municipal level over the past 20 years. NEXT MANNHEIM describes this even better than STARTUP MANNHEIM did.

Dr. Peter KurzLord Mayor of Mannheim

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