Crypto is here to stay - this truth is increasingly manifesting itself. As a fund operator and service provider in the field of crypto-related services, NORGER has set itself the task of making fund-based investments in new asset classes available to investors from the traditional financial services sector – such as family offices. The team of experts from Norway and Germany combines broad expertise from Defi and the conventional investment sector.

Our approach: Building trust becomes the key issue of communicative action. How does it come about, especially in the activation phase? For example, through integrity in communication, by conveying both hard, demonstrable competencies and expertise, as well as one's own idealistic aspirations. And through openness, demonstrating the particular intrinsic motivation to advance blockchain-related financial services, to make them accessible to institutional investors, to take them to a new level.

Duality becomes a key issue in visual brand design: classic finance / crypto finance, digital / analogue, conventional / visionary. Evolution in the financial market only happens when mediation between the old and new world takes place.

The comprehensive visual design system combines a high level of futuristic elements with strong humanistic principles. Grids meet fine serif typography, warm earthy tones meet technically cool components, scales and line drawings meet gradients and photographic-organic structures. The contrast becomes a principle and creates a unique symbiosis.


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