R(h)eine Gründersache

R(h)eine Gründersache is a cross-university start-up office on the campuses of the universities of Worms and Ludwigshafen, both located directly along the Rhine. Start-up offices are the nucleus of sustainable change: More start-ups - that means active economic development and ultimately benefits the attractiveness of the city and region.

This objective has its merits, as for many students, founding a company is rarely an alternative – after all, it competes with classic industrial and business careers. So the aim is to sustainably activate, create convincing opportunities and offers across the entire spectrum of entrepreneurship – from 'FuckUp Nights' to focused start-up boot camps – all while still studying, in a safe environment that also allows experimentation.

If you want to shape the image and essence of start-ups in such an ambitious way, you need activating communication. We accompany R(h)eine Gründersache at the #START – in the sharpening of their own identity, work out values, mission and vision, sharpen the role of empowering young entrepreneurs and identify [ ] FOUNDING as a key theme of the communicative approach. An attention-grabbing color code and an interesting typography solution oscillate between two main characteristics - warmth, friendliness, accessibility and ambitious, innovative avant-garde. Together with our client we are looking forward to lively founding spirit!


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